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Artists, scientists, landscape architects, musicians, architects, designers and performance groups are all invited to participate in Artweb. If you wish to propose an intervention or develop a new classification system to explore, re-invent or revalue the margins and out-of-the-way places of the Auckland region contact artist@artweb.co.nz

The following information sets out the technical and theoretical parameters for those wishing to participate in or propose an artweb project or intervention.


Artweb parameters

Participants are asked to realise specific site qualities through their particular scientific or arts competencies. Artweb predetermines some elements. Every project must:

  • use existing sites from the Artweb field of intensities (such as the entropy and turbulence intensities)
  • discover new intensities through the application of new taxonomies

Raw data around these sites can be reclassified or transformed as the artist/scientist chooses.



The proposed project should:

  • involve a physical site or at least deal with data specific to an actual site(s)
  • realise specific qualities in, around or about the sites identified in order to retain the physical dimension of the artweb project
  • have the effect of drawing people to the site
  • include a web component that allows people to enrich their experience of the site
  • draw on existing and new data related to the site and the new perspectives being created
  • enable any artworks or findings to emerge as a result of audience interaction, blurring the distinction between consumer and creator
  • consider engagement with a specific external community (e.g. school, botanical society)
  • have a scientific or 'scientific' component.

If you are interested email us at the above address and we will notify you when you can apply.