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who: Project Team

Artweb is an ongoing project funded initially by the Auckland Arts Regional Trust Te Taumata Toi-A-Iwi (ART), with primary research being conducted at Unitec New Zealand. It aims to investigate nonlinear models for urban development.

Because the project seeks to engage with the various cultural realms that comprise the Auckland isthmus, interdisciplinary collaboration is central to Artweb's success. As such, we are working with a growing number of artists, scientists and institutions. We are actively looking for further involvement.

Project Director - Rod Barnett:

Rod Barnett is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ScALA) at Unitec New Zealand, Auckland, where he teaches studio and theory. He also practices as a landscape architect. His current research focuses on ideas of nature in contemporary urbanism, with particular emphasis on the application of nonlinear systems theory to landscape architectural design. Artweb is one of the fruits of this work.

Project Manager- Gisella Carr:

Gisella specialises in start-up initiatives targeting innovation in the creative sector. Her work is concerned with helping agencies and individuals think and operate in new directions, and in bringing such directions to fruition,

Curator - John McCormack:

John is a director of art gallery Starkwhite with a long history of involvement in the arts and creative industries. He curates the arts and science practices that are remodelling the Auckland region for Artweb.

Strategic Design Services - Lee ter Wal :

Lee ter Wal and Associates were tasked with visualising Artweb's processes and making them accessible - especially on the web. They also developed nonlinear techniques to create Artweb's brand.

Landscape Architect - Scott Greenhalgh

Scott's involvement in Artweb is the realisation of nonlinear concepts through mapping and GIS systems, making new taxonomies available to artists and scientists. He is also responsible for the visualisation of Artweb concepts.

Texts - Cassandra Barnett

Cassandra is a writer and theorist who teaches in the School of Design at Unitec New Zealand.

Computers – Zane Egginton

Zane teaches computer-aided design, 3D modelling and GIS to students of landscape architecture. He also builds, upgrades and maintains computer hardware and is involved in 3D animation and DV.

Architect and landscape architect - Matthew Bradbury

Fulbright Fellow Matthew Bradbury is a researcher in landscape urbanism at Unitec. This is a recent landscape architecture movement which seeks to base urban development on landscape conditions and processes.

Urban design and planning – Dr Dushko Bogunovich

Dushko is Associate Professor of Urban Design at Unitec. His research interests include the sustainable development of cities, and the use of cutting edge technologies in ecological urban design and planning.

Bird ecology and conservation issues - Mel Galbraith

Mel is an active participant in the conservation of New Zealand species. This includes the monitoring and management of indigenous avian fauna and the establishment of environmental programmes for schools and the public in general.

Ecologist – Leslie Haines

Leslie’s research interests are in urban revegetation, urban ecology and landscape ecology, with a particular focus on the Auckland urban forest and environment.

Architect and landscape architect – Katrina Simon

Katrina’s research is in cartographical representation and operations, particularly in urban design, and in cemetery design, planning and heritage. Katrina exhibits her cartographic investigations regularly, and has been a Research Fellow at Unitec in 2003-2004.

Landscape planning– Jacqueline Margetts

Jacqueline is a teacher and researcher in urban ecology. She is currently investigating urban stream planting and management, and is also archiving the work of New Zealand landscape architect Ted Smyth.

Landscape Architect - Paula Wilkinson

Paula is a landscape architect and teaches nonlinear design at Unitec. Paula is also project manager for Artweb's Under the Radar project.