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Bradbury McKegg: Otuataua Lizard Gardens
Rod Barnett: Tahaki Lizard Assemblage
Katrina Simon: Cychameleon
Under the Radar:
Lines of Turbulence
Clusters of Entropy
John Reynolds: The Garden for the Blind
David Hatcher: Distributed Incident
Two projects are interactive demonstrations of the way in which Artweb sites emerge from the interplay of forces. Participation requires the Flash 6 Player - click here to get the Flash Player.

Auckland is a field of cultural and geographic forces. Major intersection points in this field are sites of geo-cultural intensity. The intensities located by Artweb so far have been explored by artists and scientists through the projects listed to the left.

Artweb sites are under-utilised or under-actualised but, by their very nature, intensities are rich in possibility. Interventions help to unlock their potential.

Click here to view an map of Artweb intensities in the Auckland region.

Artweb interventions are fusions of art, science and landscape architecture that alter Auckland's urban evolution by changing the way we see our environment.

At the heart of Artweb is a commitment to the principles of nonlinearity - both in the means of finding intensities, and in the approach to urban interventions. This commitment is grounded in the proposition that modern cities are best understood as dynamic, chaotic systems .

This Artweb website is in development and will change over time as different Artweb projects come on stream.

Click here to download images from various projects.