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Artweb is a nonlinear urban planning and design research project run from the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Unitec New Zealand. Its main aim is the realisation of a network of sites in the Auckland region, connected by pathways that can be travelled on foot or by bicycle, throughout which landscape architectural projects are distributed, often in the form of collaborations with artists and scientists.

Artweb uses a GIS technique of layering data sets and drilling down through these to discover intensifications of the urban field, based on new and interesting taxonomies.

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Otuataua Lizard Gardens Tahaki Lizard Assemblage David Hatcher - Defects David Hatcher - community David Hatcher - prosperity David Hatcher - management David Hatcher - effeciency David Hatcher - save David Hatcher - waste John Reynolds - western springs John Reynolds - aotea square John Reynolds - Auckland University John Reynolds - Point Resolution John Reynolds - Orakie Basin John Reynolds - Mt Wellington John Reynolds - Ti Rakau Drive John Reynolds - Onreangi Creek